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  • Comments from the IFW event.

    20 September at 17:08 from atlas

    Thank you for remembering me. I had such a fantastic time at the fashion show that night and am glad I came across your label. ...

  • One of our customers from Norway

    20 September at 17:05 from atlas

    Thank you very much. I'll be ordering a couple from this collection! Great stuff. ...

  • Models at the IFW Show

    15 September at 14:13 from atlas

    Jacqueline and all the models at the show.

  • Summer range 2013

    10 September at 14:27 from atlas

    Cool summer blues

  • One guy with all the ladies

    28 August at 16:44 from atlas

    Afrozzi team at the last photo shoot at Mooloolaba Beach front

  • Summer evening

    28 August at 16:41 from atlas


  • Look whats New

    14 April at 19:50 from atlas



    4 February at 13:11 from atlas

    We have been lucky enough to be invited to the International Fashion week , with a fanstastic comment below ...

  • Our shirts are just hanging around

    16 January at 15:51 from atlas

    This is a few of our latest Designs for 2013


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